Newsletter #23 Election and Fracking results

Denton, deep in the heart of Texas where Fracking began, took their town back and beat the oil companies to a pulp. That’s a first for Texas.  8 towns in Ohio passed mandates to limit and punish criminal fossil fuel extraction processes.

The worst ever Statewide ban on fracking in Ohio, California is a close second, prompted 8 local municipalities to take the law into their own hands and showed the State how to do it. They ban fracking in their communities. They are armed and ready. Let the lawsuits begin.


The People in Mendocino County washed their hands of greasy money and passed an ordinance that kept the frackers out of their county.


San Benito County residents heavily supported Measure J, overcoming the oil industry’s well-funded opposition campaign. They were up against  Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Occidental Petroleum and other oil giants writing checks, the opposition outspent Measure J supporters 15-1 during the campaign.


Money may be able to talk but we don’t have to listen.   People in San Benito showed how you can disarm and disable the noisy money machine. You just tune it out. Turn it off. Pull the plug. Nothing will bankrupt a money industry faster then people just refusing to buy whatever it is money is hyping.

Santa Barbara Measure P and the Water Guardians can stand tall and proud and hold their heads high. They held their ground and even though they could not plant the flag of victory either could the oil companies.  Oil companies didn’t win anything.  They were on the defense from the beginning and were only able to temporarily slow down a force that cannot be denied.

Have you ever noticed the oil companies don’t ever try to get a local ordinance passed to legalize fracking? They are always on the defense trying to stop it from being criminalized. I wonder why that is?  So, fracking is still not legal and the Water Guardians are still not going anywhere.

Santa Barbara is their home and standing guard and protecting their home front is more than the oil companies can say about what they are doing there.   There is no doubt in my mind who has more at stake and will prevail.

Does anyone really have to wonder about the intentions of an army of volunteers and the intentions of a gang of mercenaries?  This is a no brainer.  Volunteers do it for love and mercenaries do it for money. Money is fickle and cowardly and love is forever.  Now who do you think is going to win this war?

San Jose Mercury on San Benito win
Denton tx

Denton is just one more example where citizens tried to work with the local authorities and play by the rules and got hoodwinked and bamboozled every step of the way and finally said enough is enough and wrote their own ordinance.

These local ordinances prohibit rogue, belligerent, industries operating outside of the law, from setting up shop in the community.

Loopholes deliberately written into to the law are escape clauses for special interest providing them escape from prosecution and fiscal responsibility for damages. Loopholes are an ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules. A local ordinance requiring the special interest to meet all the standards and requirements set forth in the laws would close up that loophole.

Oil and gas companies have refused to comply with The Safe Drinking Water Act, which protects above and underground water sources from toxic chemicals used during the oil extraction process.  Because of the loopholes if any water sources above or below the ground accidentally comes in contact with the toxic extraction fluids during drilling and there have been many documented cases of this happening, the rogue industry operating independent of the law, is not liable for any damages.  That’s a loophole.

A local ordinance prohibiting exempted fossil fuel extraction companies from operating within our jurisdiction is closing up the loophole.

Oil industry refuses to comply with The Clean Air Act that prohibits release of Hydrogen Sulfide and other known to be harmful chemicals into the air. Their refusal is condoned and sanctioned by the lead agency, in our case, the Board of Supervisors.

Loopholes make it impossible for a governing board to act to prevent and punish wrongdoing when there are no clear and concise lines of wrongdoing.  A local ordinance prohibiting any exempted fossil fuel extraction process​ from doing business within our jurisdiction closes up the loopholes.

Oil and gas industry refuses to comply with the Clean Water Act which leaves streams, rivers, surface water unprotected from sediment run-off, spills and leaks from well pads, pipelines, drill rigs, ponds, storage containers and other infrastructure. Their refusal to comply jeopardizes our sense of a safe and healthy environment and threatens the integrity and well being of our water supply.

A local ordinance that requires compliance with the Clean Water Act would close that loophole and insure our safety and well being.


Regulations serve no useful purpose in the prevention of accidents. Regulations do not make toxic chemicals safe. PG&E was in violation of 3,700 regulations at the time of San Bruno disaster. 8 people died and billions of dollars in damages. PG&E is denying culpability and responsibility. They can do that because of loopholes.

We are closing up the loopholes.  Grand Jury complaint form against the Board of Supervisors to follow this newsletter.

And just one more thing about this election and saving the best for last.  How fortunate and blessed we are that people with honor and integrity, power of their convictions choose to represent us?  Thank you Heidi Harmon. You did your community so proud. Your clarity, your demeanor, your class, style and substance so resonated and reverberated sincerity and trust.  Just what this country needs.  Abe Lincoln tried 8 times to get elected to Congress. Then he became President. 

Thank you Heidi and to your beautiful family for doing what needs doing and getting it done. Cheers and Kudos dear heart.











Newsletter # 22 Pinkwashing and How do you get elected officials to listen to you?

First, please read, sign and share. This is appalling. Fracking chemicals are linked to breast cancer. Last year, Komen raised more than $250 million, but Baker Hughes only had to spend $100,000 to persuade Komen to help it pinkwash fracking’s toxic impact on women’s health.

Then, California Orders Immediate shut down of Fracking Waste Water injection Sites. It’s about time!!!!!

Contaminated ground water and water supplies where fracking takes place  is inevitable.
I immediately forwarded that information onto  each of the Supervisors as well as WRAC and the Health Commission and also the local media, Tribune, New Times, Cal Coast news, SLO City News. Got zip in response.

I reminded the Board that we are entitled to a response to the over 5,000 petitioners calling on the Board for a countywide ban on fracking for the very reasons mentioned in the above report. Its about the Water.  I also reminded them we are entitled to a timely response and it has been 5 months.Therefore, we expect a response to our petitions by no later than the end of this month’s business agenda. Any further delays will be regarded as an intent to dismiss, ignore or disregard our petitions and a dereliction of their duty.

Our concerns calling for a countywide ban on unconventional, enhanced drilling of fossil fuels, fracking, are about the safety, health and well being of this community now and in the future. Unconventional drilling is directly related to this report about contaminated aquifers, man made earthquakes from drilling operations and sickening air pollution. The Board has all the evidence and reasons they need to support  a countywide ban on  fracking.

The Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Oct 14,  Agenda item #5, Presentation of current drought conditions, related management actions, and response plans did not have a single mention of the communities concern about preventing the wasting of over 8 billion gallons of water at the Arroyo Grande oil fields.

Our petitions calling for an immediate countywide ban on the toxification of billions of gallons of fresh water seems to be of no consequence to the Board.Since the Board of Supervisors is the Lead Agency in the Arroyo Grande Oil field operation and if the project is approved by the Board, this means that if there is a citizen complaint about any irregularities, spills, noise, water, air, traffic, earthquake damage, deaths, they must take their complaints to the Board of Supervisors.

In which case the Board has full discretion on how to process the complaints.  They could, if they wanted to, ignore ,delay, dismiss the complaints. It’s their choice. They could handle the complaints in the same manner they are handling our petitions.  Case in point, West Adams LA were citizens have been complaining to their ‘lead agency’ about health issues involving the Freeport drilling operations in their neighborhood for 10 years.  When a community is dealing with hostile officials unresponsive to the needs of their constituents these kinds of delays can be life threatening.

I am of the opinion that as voters, taxpayers, signatories we deserve an answer in a timely manner to our call for a countywide ban. In the interest of saving staff time a draft resolution  was submitted for their consideration.  Attached. Also being ignored by the Board.Would anyone like to join in filing a class action citizen’s complaint with the Grand Jury against the Board of Supervisors calling for an immediate response to the resolution calling for an  countywide ban on fracking?

The primary function of the grand jury is to examine all aspects of local government, ensuring that the county is being governed honestly and efficiently and that county monies are being handled judiciously.

I think we can make a very strong case that our safety, health and the environmental well being of future generations  is totally dependent upon a fresh, clean, uninterrupted supply of water and fracking can not offer one single benefit to that end and the Board of Supervisors has a duty and responsibility to insure first and foremost the safety and health of the community. They can do all that by signing the resolution to ban fracking in SLO county. Making it very easy for the Board to do the right thing here.
DOGGR is in the process of taking public comment on its proposed fracking regulation which does not  include high pressure cyclic steam injection ( linked to earthquake  and the method of choice at the Arroyo Grande Oil Fields).Thousands of permit applications  to drill are expected.  I have some questions. How many additional people is DOGGR  going to hire to  process the applications and monitor the 1000’s of new wells? If DOGGR’s budget does not address the influx of applications that will need to be processed and manpower to monitor the new regulations the whole process is a sham and meaningless.  The only protection we are going to have against these kinds of inadequacies is an out and out ban. The oil industry has a history of dumping, spilling, violating regulations. PG&E was convicted of 3700 violations in the San Bruno disaster. Nuclear Regulatory Agency suppressing documents and reports on safety and health issues at Diablo. Why do you think that is?

Here is contact info if you would like to get your 2 cents in on the DOGGR regulations.

End of Comment Period on SB4 Revisions

Oct 24 8:00am-5:00pm

October 24th is the last day to comment on the 2nd revision of the proposed SB4 regulations on oil and gas well stimulations. Get your views heard while you can! Comments can be submitted by e-mail to

Wrapping it up.
Going to be at the Reskilling event at the Vets hall on Sunday Nov.9. I will have a complaint form for the Grand Jury there for you to sign. Isn’t this fun?  This is civics 101. Hands on. Learn by doing.  Please join me. The more the merrier.
Inline image 1

What happened at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Fracking?



On Tuesday, Sept. 23, 3pm, County Board of Supervisors agenda item #30, report on hydraulic fracturing and staff recommendation, was presented to the BOS by the Planning and Building Department.



This agenda item was in response to the presentation of over 5,000 signatures from the San Luis Obispo community at large on May 20th calling on the BOS to adopt a countywide ban on hydraulic fracturing for the safety, health, environmental and economic well being of the community.



The Board instructed staff to prepare a report they would use for their response to our petition. Staff instructed to provide Board with;


  1. What is hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking)?


  1. What is the fracking potential in the County?


  1. What are the existing and proposed regulations relating to fracking?


  1. What are some of the important environmental issues?


  1. What is happening in other jurisdictions?


The report was 4 months in the making.



The chamber was nearly packed. A lot of suits in the room I had not seen before. The presentation took about 20 minutes and was preferenced with what the report WILL and WILL NOT focus on. Hydraulic fracturing is the focus and cyclic steam stimulation, waterflood injection, steam flood injection, acid well stimulation, matrix acidization, and well acidization WILL NOT be discussed.


The term hydraulic fracturing aka fracking has up and until this point and as part of the definition of what fracking is included well stimulation techniques in which high-pressure fluid is injected into a wellbore. The fracking technique is commonly applied to wells for shale gas, tight gas, tight oil. The industry claims hydraulic fracturing has been in use in California for over 60 years.



Since 1978 high-pressure steam injection and cyclic steam injection has been the primary method of extraction at the Arroyo Grande Oil Fields, AGOF. The AGOF is on the Monterey Shale, tight oil, asphalt grade oil is being extracted.


Freeport makes the claim it is not hydraulic fracturing and has no plans to do so. That is not to say they won’t if the needs suits them and more than likely given the new patent protected, water intensive, earthquake generating technology unencumbered by cost prohibitive safety and environmental laws and funded yearly by billions of taxpayers dollars, the odds are they will use every loophole handed to them on a silver platter and frack the last drop of oil right out from underneath our feet without so much as a mother may I.


And if the oil industry were held to the same standards as all other businesses operating within our jurisdiction hydraulic fracturing, cyclical steam injection, acidizating, high intensity, unconventional, processes would be a crime in violation of the Clean Air, Clean water, Safe drinking water Act and the Community right to know Act. But because they are not held to the same standards and are granted special dispensation VIA the Halliburton loophole to operate independent of the law, the community as it is represented by its governing board, knowingly assumes all the risks and bears all the burden of the industry’s activity to include spills, explosions, fires, leaks, accidents and unintended consequences.



It would be fair to ask at this point that if Freeport has

no intention of fracking why are they so concerned then with a ban?



Public comment followed the presentation. There were 52 requests to speak. And in the interest of time, Mr. Gibson offered the following format. One minute, two minute and three minute speakers starting with one-minute speakers. When all the one-minute speakers are finished the next round of speakers will have two minutes and lastly those remaining to speak for 3 minutes will be called from the remaining speaker’s slips.



With this format everyone is allowed to speak. Very curious why this format was not offered at the May 20th meeting as time was also a factor.



There was not a single speaker from the Freeport constituency at the May 20th meeting. This meeting however was teeming with very important, high ranking, titles and letters behind their name, persons. Almost like royalty. They seemed to own the room. The impression was somehow their presence projected a sense of greater importance than usual on these proceedings and worthy of special consideration, in the interest of fairness, of course.



The Board seemed duly intimidated and oddly attentive to the sheer power and force mingling amongst the rank and file and perhaps instinctively knew that limiting this crowd to 5 people and 15 minutes was not an option.



I am just hazarding a guess here and it may not be significant but it seemed at least 20 of the speakers from Freeport were there as paid employees working on company time. Just comparing loyalty factors here and what motivates people to get involved in local politics. I took time off work. Judy J got out of a sick bed, David K gave up study time. Just saying.


I waited to be called for the 3-minute segment about an hour and half into the meeting. I took the last stand on principle, appealing to the board to do the right thing and ban fracking. Foreseeing they might use staff time and expense as an excuse to delay writing a resolution I submitted a draft for their consideration, attached.


Listened to the other speakers but then had to take a breather and headed out to the lobby. I left my purse indicating, I hope, that I would be back. I took my water bottle and headed out. There were monitors in the lobby so I could still follow the proceedings. When the speakers finished and the Board was going to make a ruling I elected to remain in the lobby.



And then something rather odd happened. A man came out looking for me to tell me my keys had somehow got kicked out of my purse into the aisle and I might want to return to retrieve them. And then as if his Good Samaritan act needed justification added he had observed that I often retreat to the lobby so he knew where to find me. That was very odd since this was the first time I choose to leave and wait outside chambers. I thanked him and returned in time to hear the Board’s decision.


One by one the Board rendered their reasoning and voted unanimously 5-0 to ignore the beseeching petitioners, community members, organizations and municipalities and do nothing. Wait. Too many other more important things to do. Let’s wait and see what the State does with fracking, was their rationale.


Our health, safety, well-being and immediate concerns and fears about water and earthquakes summarily dismissed as unimportant. Clearly the Board regards approving a permit to drill 450 oil wells in our backyard as more important than our immediate need to get inoculated against the ravishes of the greed disease.


And no my keys were not in the aisle.



And yes there is more to come.



But first, Please, please try to find an hour or two somewhere to help Santa Barbara get Measure P passed. I will send how we can help and all the information immediately in a follow up email.



Ah, I can feel it, Can you feel it? All the good vibrations? The cosmos are conspiring to shower us with abundance.



Here is a link to the whole BOS meeting so you can judge for yourself.



Item # 30 starts at 3:00 on the tape.




Have a spectacular week!!!



Jeanne Blackwell

SLO Clean Water


Change doesn’t just happen. It starts with an ultimatum and goes from there.


Approving Freeport would increase their water usage by 300% in a phase III drought alert where everyone is mandated to cut back by 20%. The water is coming from a well taped into the groundwater. On that issue only fracking should be ban in SLO County.  Freeport McRanRo Arroyo Grande Oil Fields usage would amount to over 8 billion gallons of water. How is this o.k? It would be criminal if there was a law against it. But alas our lawmakers are opposed to criminalize using water to manufacturer a toxic waste that is hazardous to every living thing it comes in contact with.




Touching Base. Tying up Loose Ends. Bringing it Home.

First up
Here’s a 30 minute video made for public access television, to acquaint everyone with the basics about fracking in California, by Mainstreet Moms. <>  They keep it simple because it is.     It includes:
– what is fracking, with map and visuals
– the issues  water contamination and over-consumption
-the flaws in the proponents’ claims about jobs, economics and “bridge to renewables”
– actions you can take
SLO Clean Water is taking it all the way to the top with a rights based ordinance.

Second up

North County people we are having a meeting on January 6 with all the point persons from Morro Bay, AG and SLO.  At these meetings we  bring everybody up to date on what we doing, how we are doing it and what needs doing. We talk, problem solve and regroup. This would be a good meeting for all  North county people who want to get involved to come to.   Let me also extend the invitation to Nipomo, South County people too.  Time to pull it all together.   So here’s your chance to see what getting involved curtails. Meeting in SLO on January 6 @ 6pm. RSVP me if you want to come and I will send you a google map link of the location.

Third up

Want to know how we are going to prevent a disaster from happening here?  Here’s an MP3 of Tom Linzey answering questions about the whole community rights based thing to a group of citizens opposed to Fracking in Fort Collins.  Great overview. Be prepared to be unseated from your comfort zone if you are hearing this  concept for the first time. He covers a lot of territory and there is nothing like hearing it first hand right from the horse’s mouth to get a real feel and sense of what it is all about.  This is the first time I have downloaded an MP3. I know, I know. I am a dinosaur. it’s a miracle I have survived this long.  And this is the most recent interview on Occupy Radio December 18.   This is a must hear. Mini Democracy school.
And lastly,
This didn’t make it in the hardcopy but did make it online. Letters to the Editior New Times.  Response to Robert and Melanie’s letter in New Times  “Stop bickering, and fight fracking together,”  Dec. 5.

Happy New Year Folks. This year is going to be a biggie. We are going to have a countywide ordinance and a Statewide Ban on Fracking. How do I know this? It is the Year of the Horse.

2014 Horse Zodiac YearHorse is one of Chinese favorite animals. Horse provides a good and quick transportation for people before automobiles.  Horse can give people a ride to their destination (Frack free county). Therefore, horse is not only a symbol of traveling, but also a sign of speedy success. Hi Ho Silver!!!



Taking it up a Notch

Delivered the Credo Mobilize petition with over a 1,000 signers to the City Council on Oct 15. It was met with reluctance but did get a response.
All the Council members agreed they do not want Fracking but they are slammed and suggested we come back with a formal request after the first of the year. Formal means get on the agenda.
Our request is for the SLO City Council, on behalf of the petitioners, residents, businesses, farmers, visitors, food community and students to recommend the Board of Supervisors adopt a countywide ban on Fracking.
Assistant Mayor, Kathy Smith, did say she would be open to writing a letter to the B of S. Took that as an open invitation and that is what we are working on now. Will make the letter presentation to the City Council BEFORE the end of the year.
Nice piece in the SLO City News. Am working on a correction to the gas reference. Sure I said oil.
Here is a report  Released by: Environment Texas Research and Policy Center. Fracking by the Numbers.
Notice California is NOT on this  list. We don’t what to be another statistic in this horror story.
 Offshore drilling nobody knew about this for over 2 decades. Oil companies violate the law all the time. They need 24 hour monitoring for regulations to be effective. Don’t give the oil industry permission to violate the law. Insure violations do not occur. Ever. Ban it.
Did a little tabling at the Cal Poly Soccer game against Davis last night host was 5R’s FC. Nice concept.
Here’s the tabling crew.  Heidi, yours truly, daughter Cassie (right) Anna and Carlos (from SLO Clean Energy) and Kevin.Inline image 1

Inline image 3

Neighbors to our left.  Thanks for the cookies Vickie.

O.k. that’s it for now folks. Get ready. We are looking to take this whole Ban Fracking thing up a notch. Everyone wanted a countywide ban from the start. Well, now we are going for it.   Need all the cities to agree to call on the Board of Supervisors to adopt a countywide ban on Fracking.  Are you ready to do this?  It is going to be at least 2 more years before California gets their act together. We can’t wait that long. We don’t have enough water or time.

Next step Bird Dog, means show up, at the San Luis Obispo City Council and respectfully state your position and ask the council  to write a letter calling on the  Board of Supervisors to adopt a countywide ban on Fracking.
The reason.  What happens in the unincorporated areas of this community happens to us all. Air and water do not know where the city limits begin and end. Fracking in the unincorporated areas will impact the surrounding municipalities.
The City Council holds regular meetings at 6:00 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 990 Palm Street.Call them 805-781-7114
Fracking has a history of contaminating the air and water. Has a history of spills, fires, explosions.  Fracking on faults lines causes earthquakes.
This is our air, our water, our land, our oil, our life. All we have to do to make sure it stays that way is show up. What is water worth?  2 hours of your time a month?  Now’s the time folks. We are not going to get a second chance here to say no.
p.s. There are petitions to sign. Chefs against Fracking, Students against Fracking, Farmers against Fracking and Countywide Ban on Fracking,  Ban Fracking in California. click here
“10 people that speak make more noise than 10,000 that are silent. ” Napoleon Bonaparte

SLO County Residents, Chefs, Farmers, Students, Business owners, Food Community, Petition to Ban Fracking

Boo on Moonbeam.

California Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 4 into law.  This bill gives an unregulated industrial process, Hydraulic Fracturing, a 2 year free pass  to continue  to spill, dump, toxify and putrefy our air and water with undisclosed secret petro chemicals.

Hydraulic fracturing has a history of accidents , spills, fires, and work related deaths and injuries.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We can’t really afford an accident. And we don’t have any water to waste on Fracking.

Click on all the headings to get to the Petitions. Please sign and share all over the place.


To the San Luis Obispo Board Supervisors

Fracking is a toxic method of oil and gas extraction that involves blasting vast quantities of water and toxic chemicals deep underground–and it’s endangering countless Californians’ health, safety and livelihoods.

California Chefs Against Fracking

Petition circulating within the local communities calling on our Board of Supervisors to support a countywide ban on fracking:

We, the undersigned, are members of California’s professional food community — chefs, restaurant owners, brewers, winemakers, purveyors, processors, retailers, authors and educators — who are concerned about the potential impacts of fracking on our livelihoods and those who grow and produce the food we offer our customers, guests and families……….


We are circulating this one locally calling on the Board of Supervisors to Ban Fracking as well as Governor Brown:

We, the undersigned, are members of California’s agricultural community and are concerned about the potential impacts of fracking on our livelihoods. We are aware that the oil industry is planning to expand fracking throughout California to places where there has been robust agricultural production. Because of the potential risks to this production, we urge you to place a moratorium on fracking and undertake a comprehensive study on fracking’s potential impacts to California’s water, air, and soil……

Californians Against Fracking

Let this petition serve as a writ of mandate to our public officials to do their job to protect, preserve, promote and defend our health, well being and rights to a safe, clean, beneficial environment and issue an immediate cease and desist order on all hydraulic fracturing – “fracking” – activity to include issuance of exploratory gas and oil permits.

Fracking is an unregulated, lethal, toxic gas/oil extraction process exempted from the Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Drinking Water, Superfund, Environmental Policy Acts. Exempt means ……..


There are 40,000 students in SLO.  They could IM this petition and do a students rising thing.

Hydraulic Fracturing is an inherently dangerous, federally exempted oil/gas extraction process. It violates our intrinsic values with unforgiving, known to be hazardous, toxic chemicals that infect the air we breathe and the water we drink.

It defaces and mutilates our natural environment causing irreparable harm to ancient underground rock formations, aquifers and precious groundwater.

Such reckless disregard for our future and the future of our planet is intolerable.

Fracturing and acidizing do not contribute a single benefit to our environmental well being.

We deserve better.

We can do better.

We, the undersigned, do hereby call on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors and the Governor for the State of California to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing now and in so doing provide the leadership that insures prosperity, health and safety for our future and future generations. Thank you.


This one got delivered Oct 15.  And the deal here is we were asking the city council to join us in  calling on the San Luis Board of Supervisors to support a countywide ban of Fracking.  Drilling in the unincorporated areas is potentially far reaching, as a result of our shared resources, water, air, roadways and fault lines.  Morro Bay, Pismo, Grover, Paso, Atascardo, Templeton, Arroyo Grande, Nipomo need to do the same in their cities. We are all in this together.

Just to darn cute. Had to leave you with a smile.

Just to darn cute. Had to leave you with a smile.

Accident just waiting to happen


Seems like the only way to prevent accidents from happening is to avoid them all together.  That may seem like a pretty silly thing to say and something one would do just out of  the sheer instinct to survive. But,  avoiding accidents is not always an option since we seldom see them coming and that is why they are called accidents.

Accidents are different from something done with intent and conscience effort. Like baking a cake. You have all the right ingredients, you mix everything up according to the instructions, put it in the oven, bake @ 350 degrees  for 30-40 minutes and  presto a chocolate cake. What could go wrong?   You read the instructions wrong and added  1  1/2 tbs  of salt instead of 1/2 tsp, the electricity goes out 10 minutes into the baking time,  you opened the oven to sneak a peek and it fell like a rock, your daughter called, she ran out of gas, you ran out of the house and by the time you got home 2 hours later, your chocolate cake is a chocolate brick you could  use as a corner stone or grave marker.

Accidents happen to the best of us and nothing or no one is immune from them happening simply because  life happens and accidents come with the territory.  Frankly, it is a miracle we survive each day at all when you think of all the accidents that could happen.  But lucky for us we can count on more of them not happening than do happen.

Some accidents are avoidable, like checking your gas gauge before you get on the freeway to go to work.  Some accidents are good. Running into an old friend you haven’t seen for years. But still and all when we think of an accident we think of something that ends you up in the hospital with a lot of unintended consequences.

Most accidents can be avoided by being  aware of  the causes.   Bath tubs are slippery,  taking giant leaps of faith off the side of a cliff,   picking up hot objects with your bare hands, stabbing yourself with a pair of scissors you tried to use as pliers, drying your hair in the bathtub, texting while driving and work,  avoid working.  Working can be very hazardous to your health.   There are  337 million accidents that are job related with 2.3 million job related deaths occurring ever year.  To be safe quit your job.  And, of course home is the number one place where most accidents occur so to be safe don’t live in a house.

There is always another and better way to still be able to go to work and live comfortable and safely in a house, be aware and be careful. You don’t have to be a statistic except  for perhaps that unavoidable-can’t-explain-it-random bolt of lightning that shoots out of the clear blue sky and kills you. There is not much you can do about random. Think that is a god thing.  The old adage, I use these a lot because I am more of an adage than not,  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies in all cases, random aside.

All this to post on topic, 2 accidents that seriously could have been prevented. Prevention seems the only answer to avoiding deadly consequences since there is no cure for death.


Toxic waste spill in northern Alberta biggest of recent disasters in North America

Oil in the Napo river

Ecuadorean Amazon oil slick heads towards Peru

Crude discharged after pipeline was ruptured by landslide has entered Napo river which flows across border 

Land slide. earthquake, accidents happen.

This just goes to prove that sometimes it is just not good enough to  say “BE CAREFFUL.” Or, make it a law that says you must be careful.  Sometimes when it is a matter of life or death you just have to say NO.

I would never let my kids play in the street. Telling them to be careful would not have prevented an accident from happening.  Telling Frackers to please be careful so none of their toxic, deadly chemicals accidentally escapes, explodes, spills or leaks into our precious water supply will not prevent the accident from happening.  Every fracking operation is an accident just waiting to happen.