A Round of Applause for Cambria Community Service District

Cambria Community Service District  voted unanimously 5-0 to oppose fracking in San Luis Obispo County. And they didn’t stop there. They then wrote a letter on behalf of their community calling  on the County Board of Supervisors to adopt a countywide ban on fracking.  It is a proud day indeed for the people of Cambria and everyone who lives or visits San Luis.  Thank you Cambria CSD you got us one step closer to getting a countywide on Fracking. Cambria resolution to Ban Fracking in San Luis Obiso County

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The central coast is a real gem. Thank you Cambria for helping us make sure our children and their children will know this beauty.

Will you all please take just a moment and send Jim Bahringer, president of the Cambria Community  Service District and board members a  hearty thank you and welcome to the growing movement to keep SLO prosperous, thriving, rich, abundant and Frack Free.

Cambria CSD president

Jim Bahringer President  927-6235 (District Clerk) board@cambriacsd.org