Democracy School

Our Right to Clean Water Action Committee

Learn how this country got started and how to take those exact same principles that are incorporated in our Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution and put them into effect in our community right now. People power at its very best. Learn how to fight city hall and win!!!!!

DEMOCRACY SCHOOL is the name of the course. Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund in conjunction with Global Exchange, conducts a 12 hour  course that puts us in charge of legally and lawfully taking the law into our own hands.

The course will be held Friday, Oct 12, 6:00-9:00pm. Saturday Oct. 13 9am-5pm. You may also sponsor someone to attend if you are unable or perhaps you would like to make a donation towards this effort which will be most graciously accepted.  2 day class is $120. At the end of the class we will begin composing the Right to Clean Water Ordinance.

Click here

to pull up the registration form. Print it. Sign it. Send it with payment and we are good to go.  You will receive an email confirmation from ISL, Institute for Sustainable Living. This is very exciting stuff. You might even say revolutionary like our founding fathers and mothers.

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