Add Cateogories

To ensure that Post can be correctly found, it is wise to assign one or more categories to every post.  By default, each Post is assigned to the All category so that the Post menu item will display it.

To change a category assignment or to add one,

  1. you must first bring up the dashboard and
  2. then choose Posts | All Posts.

All Posts

  1. Then hover of the Post you wish to change and choose either Edit or Quick Edit.

Edit Posts

Choose Quick Edit if you know the content of the post and the category you wish to assign.  Choose Edit if you need to view the post or need to add a new category.

If you choose Quick Edit, then you can assign categories by

  1. clicking one or more of the categories in the list and
  2. then clicking Update.


If you choose Edit, then the category selection will be at the right of the page.  You can then click the appropriate categories.

If you need to add a category, then

New Category

  1. Click the Add New Category line
  2. Type a new category name into the text box and
  3. Click the Add New Category button.
  4. When you are done, click Update.