Breaking news: Federal decision rules local municipalities can say NO to oil trains.

This is from:
On Behalf Of Ethan Buckner
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 5:57 PM
Subject: BREAKING:: STB (Surface Transportation Board) has DENIED Valero’s request for a declaratory order!
Hi everyone,


HUGE breaking news right now out of Benicia – the STB just officially denied Valero’s petition on preemption  and closed the case. 


This has massive implications for tonight’s City Council hearings on Valero’s proposed oil trains project in Benicia, and Thursday’s hearings on Phillips 66 oil trains project in San Luis Obispo.


More than anything – this affirms the right of local governments across the country to say NO to oil trains. 


Stay tuned for more on this!


With hope,


Sent a huge group hug and congratulations from San Luis Obispo to Ethan and asked him to please pass it on to Benicia.  If you like we can compose a sign on letter and send them a follow up.

I suppose we could also give the Planning Commission a heads up by sending them the official denial. I am sure it would be a great relief to them and make their decision a lot easier following this ruling. Case closed. wow!

PDF attached and planning commission email address:  Ramona Hedges

Put Planning Commission hearing Sept 22, 2016 in the subject line.

And if you would like to speak on Thursday put item # 3  P66 hearing  on the speakers form.

Oh my it has been quite awhile since we have had such good news to get this excited about.  Wow.



Let’s do it alot!

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