Newsletter #49- Planning meeting results – Next steps

Nov. 12 planning hearing on the issue of granting a permit to drill 31 new wells at the Arroyo Grande Oil Field on expired regulations and codes was approved unanimously by the planning commission under rather unusual and irregular circumstances.

Unusual because the public comment on that agenda item was opened and closed an hour and half into a 5 hour presentation rather than at the end. Very strange call by the Chair, Mr. Topping.   Here is video of the meeting.

And then the 5 factors needed to prove the “impermeability of an aquifer” housing billions of gallons of toxic waste was devoid of the one factor that could prove its permeability. The earthquake factor. Strange.

But, never mind. These are 5 people who are volunteering their time and have limited resources expertise and authority and who did the best they could with what they had to work with.  We thank them for their time and we are going to take it from here.  Here is the video of the meeting.

An appeal to their decision was filed by the Center for Biological Diversity on Monday.  This is normal administrative procedure however not our only option.

The planning commission, water board, Board of Supervisors, DOGGR, EPA, Gov. Brown have all had ample time and opportunity to do the right thing to insure our safety, health and well being and have refused to do so.

So in the coming weeks after the Thanksgiving holiday it’s a whole new ball game.

​We are going to do it right.​

Did you see what Portland did about the oil trains?   

All it takes is a community that knows what they want and makes it happen. It’s simple.

​And after years of dealing with Freeport’s shenanigans in LA local residents have had enough. Environmental advocates sue L.A., accusing it of ‘rubber stamping’ oil drilling plans 

Freeport has a history and a reputation for getting what they want.

We are prepared willing and more than able to make some history of our own.

Moratoriums, resolutions, ordinances and lawsuits are all on the table. The writing is on the wall.  Enough is enough. Game on.

Will be talking with you all after the Thanksgiving break about the next giant leap forward for the good people of San Luis Obispo.

This is our home.

From one very grateful heart to another…….







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