Newsletter #48 – Round 3- County Planning meeting on Price Canyon Oil Field – This is a biggie

O.k. folks things are heating up. Local residents and home owners have contacted 3 individual planning commissioners on three separate occasions to discuss concerns with the increased oil drilling activity in Price Canyon.  The concerns are countywide. Activity in question impacts water sources and conditions within the entire county.

The hearing results on Thurs. Nov. 12 @ 1:30 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors chambers, 1055 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408 will determine the safety, health and well being of our water resources in this county for generations to come.

Everyone that can please plan on being at this meeting to voice your opinions on what we expect our county officials to do to protect our ever diminishing safe water resources. The issue is a building permit to continue to extract billions of gallons of water and dispose of billions of gallons of toxic waste in undisclosed areas in Price Canyon.

Environmental coordinator for the project is saying there have been no environmental changes in 10 years time and the old permit is fine.

Regional Water Quality Control Board will testify and possibly also someone from the State Water Resources Control Board.  Not necessarily going to provide conclusive evidence about the condition of our aquifer or the performance of the wells. We need to be on guard.

There are huge data gaps in the reporting and monitoring of the current wells in Price Canyon. The aquifer boundaries have changed. It is unclear what those boundaries are. There are 7 new wells proposed inside the area in question.

Your comments are important. Whatever you have to say will make a difference. Just being there is important and will make a difference. Freeport employees will be there to speak. On company time?

Are they coming to speak on behalf of Freeport in which case this is paid testimony as to the conditions in question and they have documentation to back it up?

I would pay very close attention to how each person speaking introduces themselves. Resident or employee? As residents we have a right to question our public officials about how businesses are conducting themselves in our neighborhood. Are they up to code, standards, rules and regulations? We have a right to know and expect an answer from qualified sources.

This is a public hearing with public comment for the public record.  The issue is a request for a building permit? Are the Freeport employees qualified to speak on behalf of the business regarding the issue of a building permit for their business?

We need answers.

Q1:  Why didn’t Freeport McMoRan get the drilling done in the ten year time frame given to them in the old permit?

Q2: What about extracting great quantities of water in an historic drought and the subsidence effect?

Q3:  How can Freeport claim that the ‘bowl’ storing the toxic waste is impermeable? San Luis had 132 earthquakes between 1.3 and 3.3 last year.

If you can’t make it to the public comment session THIS COMING THURS NOV. 12 @ 1:30 then please do chime in with your concerns and comments with an email to the commission.

SUBJECT LINE: County Planning hearing Nov. 12 item # 9 Freeport McMoRan

This is our home. Freeport is asking our officials permission to turn our home into a toxic waste dump. Let’s make round 3 a knock out round.




SLO Clean
Ten people that speak make more noise than 10,000 that are silent.








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