Newsletter #26 Hot Time in the OLE Town Tonite

Public Invited wholeheartedly!!!!

January 23 – Friday – Mothers for Peace hosting Diablo issue meeting of the minds and heart Library 6pm-9pm.

Sorry this got out a little late. But here’s a recap.  It was so alive with energy. Film of the 1986 sit-in at Diablo, Gov Brown promising to keep nuclear out, a wall of Poly professors against Diablo 3 or 4 of which were there last nite with what looked like the original poster. Wow.

My darn camera was not working. I hope someone posts the pics.

Activists from the original sit-in more alive, vibrant and beautiful today than they were 30 years ago. Real people, real music, real talk, smiles,  and the most beautiful sight, not a suit in the crowd.

A couple of  characters standing in the back of the room, arms crossed, scows on their face, perfectly groomed, crisp shirts, creased pants, looked like they just came from a weekend of pampered pleasures and looked strangely out of place. This was a crowd of veteran grassroot activists delighting in each others company and sharing a moment with everyone in the room.  The creased pants did not stick around.

Oh my. This just does a heart good. A community rising. We are going to bear witness to the righting of a wrong.  So proud to be part of this community.

January 28 – Wednesday- Sierra Club meeting of the minds  Steynberg Local Environmental Groups Planning for 2015 7pm. More good energy.

Oil train meeting  Library community room  Feb 4 –  7pm. Forest Ethics & Sierra Club hosting.

Feburary 7 Bus to Oakland –

The county planning dept where many of these issues seem to originate is very busy, prompting last minute changes, delays and rescheduling. Staff is very busy. Just keeping up with reports, data, meeting and scheduling, public comments and alerting the public of these meetings is a full time job.

We rely on local activists, volunteers and community groups staying on top of this very active and involved community. We trust and so appreciate their boundless energy and dedication. There are many issues facing our community that will impact each and everyone one of us for many years to come.

Diablo, Santa Margarita quarry, Nipomo Spur, housing issues, coastal issues, inland issues, Community Choice Aggragate, open space, closed space, door knobs, sorry that was something from Fawlty Towers, and of course my favorite, banning extreme unconventional, enhanced oil drilling that will compound beyond our worst nightmare  the ever pressing issue of water and lack thereof.

We all do what we can when we can because we care.  Every effort makes a difference. It all counts. If you are not into Board of Supervisor or city council meetings, planning dept, water resource boards, or other fun things but want to do something that will make a difference, I have just the job for you.

Coming up on Feb 7 we are filling a bus and heading to Oakland. This bus will represent San Luis Obispo County. If you would like to be one of the representatives for SLO county, population 276,443 and could spare one Saturday letting Governor Brown know we are alive and well and are looking forward to his proudest moment as leader and Governor of California by announcing he will sign an executive order to prohibit, ban, bar, any Clean Air, Clean Water, Safe Drinking Water, Superfund, Community-Right-to-Know, National Environmental Policy, Resource Conservation and Recovery, exempted oil drilling operation from setting up shop in California, then hop on this bus.

Our State and all its resources are too valuable and precious to turn over to an industry that has no sense of beauty or appreciation for the finer things in life.  Jump on board.   Sign up. The  agenda is there too.

There will be a meet and greet with other communities and activists throughout California sharing their ideas, campaigns, successes and strategies. A real melding pot.

We will return home and within a week, lord willing, we will all get together and collect our thoughts and launch the campaign for a countywide initiative that will be on the ballot this year. No ifs, ands or buts. This is it. This year is all about what we can do.

There are 30 seats left.   By the end of the week I will need to send in the final payment for the bus.  So, if you have never done anything like this before, want to do something but don’t know what or how you can help keep our home sweet home, safe and sound, this is your chance. There is a first time for everything.  We are not opposed to the idea that money talks. So if you are not able to come you can donate a seat or seats and that  works too. Thanks.
Local actions in Cambria, Arroyo Grande, Paso, San Luis and all points in between seem ultimately to come down to the politics of governing. And governing is all about a safe, healthy, inherently prosperous living environment.

We are entering a very very unique time in our history and it is very very exciting.

The future is grounded in Ecological economics.  A growing transdisciplinary field that aims to improve and expand economic theory to integrate the earth’s natural systems, human values and human health and well-being. We are operating in an ecological deficient, wasting limited resources at an unsustainable rate.  Natural resources, air, water, land is the foundation on which wealth is built. Contaminated water, suffocating air, dead and unproductive land equates to economic collapse. We are making sure that does not happen on our watch.

Bulgarian leadership, dead set against a ban 3 years ago, just signed onto a fracking ban. Public pressure did it. It  works.

Mora County, New Mexico, first county in the country to do a countrywide ban is getting sued by the oil companies. No surprise. And it is a good thing. This will go to the State Supreme Court, like Colorado’s ban and the people’s right to a clean and healthy environment will prevail and set precedent and then we win for future generations.

New York already did it. The tide has turned.  And if we are really lucky it will go to the U.S. Supreme court and all this nonsense about corporations are people will come to head the same time as the amendment to overturn Citizen’s United comes to a vote in Congress. Then we have a legacy we can be proud to past onto our kids.

None of this is an accident. We are making it happen. It will take every single one of us doing something, somehow and that’s how we win. Did I mention there is a bus going to Oakland on Feb. 7th?  Sign up here.

$30 will get you a piece of history with your name on it.


​Alright folks that’s it for now. Let’s do this.

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