Bussing it to Oakland and Marching for Real Climate Leadership


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Lets make this real easy.  Round trip ticket to Oakland  March for Real Climate Leadership $30. What a deal. Pit stop in Atascadero. We love you North County.

One click to purchase a ticket

GO TO https://register.ecologistics.org/Shopping/Donate



PURCHASE TICKET if you are going

OR DONATE if you would like to help sponsor the trip.

If you are writing a check make sure to include SLO CLEAN WATER ACTION PURCHASE or DONATE IN THE MEMO SECTION

Mail it to: Ecologistics, Inc., 4349 Old Santa Fe Road, #6, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Ecologistics sponsors several organizations  so they need to know this.

Saturday Feb. 7

6:15a – Everybody meet up at Big 5 parking lot Madonna Shopping center SLO.
6:30a – LV: SLO
7:00a – ARRIVE:  Atascadero  PARK AND RIDE @ CURBARIL
Here is where we are going.  Frank H. Ogawa Plaza 14th & Broadway, Oakland. http://www.yelp.com/biz/frank-h-ogawa-plaza-oakland

11:30 – Gather at Frank Ogawa / Oscar Grant Plaza

12:00 – Short kick-off rally to start march.

12:15 – Marching through downtown Oakland (approx 1.8 miles)

1:30 – Arrive at Lake Merritt Amphitheater

1:45 – Rally at Lake Merritt Amphitheater

2:30 – Conclude rally

3:00 – Statewide convergence at Laney College

6:00 – Conclude convergence

6:30 – Depart Oakland

10:30-  Arrive Home sweet Home

Suggesting we all wear either Blue for Water or Yellow for the Sun shirts. It will look like an ocean of sunshine. Cool.

The bus costs around $1700 – that includes tip and estimated parking fees. So asking $30 per ticket to cover the costs. First come first serve.  If you can’t go but would like to help sponsor the trip it would be so so appreciated. Thank you. One bus from LA is sending 7th & 8th graders up. That’s the ticket. The future will be there.   And do please share this info with your groups to get the word out. We have 3 weeks to fill this bus up. Lets do it in 2 just because we can.

The Convergence after is a meet and greet with the movers and the shakers across the State.  Sharing, sharing, sharing information and strategies.

It should be a biggie. A lot of things are happening in California right now. We want to make sure it is all good things.

Contact info. Jeanne jeannewater@gmail.com


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