Newsletter #25 New Year 2015





Quick recap of 2014 and things in the works.  Fasten your seat belts.


1) Letters from San Luis Obispo City Council, Arroyo Grande City Council, Cambria Community Service District, Los Osos Community Service District calling on the Board of Supervisors to do their job and keep SLO county safe, healthy, environmentally and economically sound and adopt a Countywide prohibition on extreme, unconventional, enhanced oil extraction aka Fracking. These letters represent over 82,000 residents.  Ban Fracking in SLO county signed by over 5,000 people. Total 87,000 voices for a ban on fracking.

2) Sign on letters from local organizations. Its not too late to sign onto this. Shows Solidarity.

Local SLO Grange adopted resolution to support a  ban on Fracking. Made it to State and became part of their Statewide platform.  Cool.

Community meet up with Senator Monning and Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian. They were pretty non committal  on the issue but we are not done with them yet.

There is a lot going on in this county. The vigilance, dedication, hope and dreams is all about keeping SLO a safe, healthy, prosperous and a ravishingly beautiful place for generations to come. We are all in this together so helping each other every chance we get guarantees that will happen.

We have issues, water, bomb trains, water, quarry, water, Diablo, water, fracking and water.  But it isn’t anything we can’t handle or are afraid of. Love conquers all. And this gift of love is our legacy that we Will to the next generation with joy and pride.

Things are turning around and heading in the right direction.


California Fracking Fluid Dumping Suit Settled.  We are going to red flag this lawsuit as a warning  of what to expect from an industry hell bent on doing whatever it takes to keep costs down and profits up.

Oil industry is world renowned for being one of the worst human and environmental rights violators. With a reputation like theirs we would be damn fools to think that they are going to be on their best behavior and a stellar law-abiding citizen here in SLO county.

We are not going to give them an opportunity to make us look like damn fools. The wise and sensible thing to do and what the oil industry would do if the situation was reversed is ban fracking now and ask questions later.

More Good News. Setting precedent. This is how change happens at the grassroots level (WE ARE GRASSROOTS)

​ ​



Also our little county of Mora, New Mexico, population 4,700, is standing strong. Oil industry is now making the unprecedented claim that Fracking is a Civil Right. OMG.  But Mora County is calling their bluff.  They are not backing down not even a little. An oil well is not a person.

San Benito and Mendocino County pass fracking bans.

Two weeks ago, an Oregon judge ruled that the Oregon Secretary of State could refuse to count more than 4,600 contested ballots with mismatched signatures, effectively bringing the Yes on 92 campaign to a close.

It was an outrageous and inglorious end to a remarkable campaign, which finished just 837 votes short of defeating Monsanto and the rest of their pesticide and junk food cronies. Monsanto threw everything they had at this campaign. They are losing it. We are gaining and things are going to be a lot different from now on.



In an explosive document kept secret for a year, a former federal inspector charges that the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California is more vulnerable to earthquakes than initially known and should be shut down until Pacific Gas & Electric Co. can prove its safety.

“The lid is off the jar for Diablo Canyon. Let’s get behind Mothers for Peace and Friends of the Earth to get this lethal thing shut down!”  Linda Seely.  Mothers are on the Move!!

Santa Margarita Granite Quarry.
Planning Commission hearing continued to Jan. 8th, 2015. Public comment period is still open, so get there early (before 9AM) and fill out a comment slip. This project affects EVERYONE who uses Hwy 58 and lives in SLO County.  Staff report online (links at Margarita Proud).

Community Choice Aggregate. CCA.  Major Goal Setting Community Forum January 13.  Anything with the word Choice in it has to be good right?  Absolutely. Real chance here to get your voice heard by the decision makers. So if energy independence is something you would like to have then this is a good time to show it. Come to this meeting.

SLO City 2015-17 Major Goal Setting Community Forum
Tuesday January 13 5:30pm to 9:30ish
Ludwig Community Center, Santa Rosa St.


This is a train wreck waiting to happen. And the Mesa Refinery Watch is not going to let that happen. Mile long trains, as many as 5 a day will go right through highly populated areas within yards of schools, businesses, homes, open spaces carrying highly toxic and flammable ingredients in leaking sub standard tank cars that have  a history of deadly accidents.

This Nipomo spur expansion will have an adverse effect on everyone in this county. So, Everyone needs to get on board and side track this plan out of here. For good. Here is how to do that.

February Public Hearing On The P66 Proposal: Now that written comments on the REIR have closed, the next action is for ALL of us is to attend the Public Hearing. Originally scheduled for January 29th, it’s now tentatively scheduled for February 5, 2015.

Each citizen has the chance to briefly offer their views before the Planning Commissioners, who will recommend whether the Rail Terminal will be built. Even if you don’t wish to speak, we urge you to attend to show support and solidarity for opposition to the project.

  • Tentative Meeting Date – February 5, 2015; time TBD (usually starts early morning); Board of Supervisors Chambers, County Gov’t. Center; 1055 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo.

Get on their email list. Mesa Refinery Watch


More Local continued


Information Press is a gem.  A shining example of what dedication and devotion to a community looks like up close and personal. Here is an opportunity to show our appreciation to Sandra and crew for carrying stories about our community that make a difference.  Thank you Info Press. We love you. Donation link below.

Heidi Harmon makes a run for State Assembly. Very exciting.  I have a feeling she is just getting warmed up. Abe Lincoln didn’t win his first run as a State rep either.
What’s up with the fracking?  Plenty. This is our year. We are doing it. We are doing what 13 other cities and 4 other counties have already done in California. We are banning bullies and sticking up for our kids. Keeping our promise to keep them safe and healthy.
Since the Board of Supervisors is the lead agency on the permitting process they have the final say whether or not Arroyo Grande oil field expansion gets approved or denied. We want to make it real easy for them to do the right thing and keep SLO a destination spot for generations to come.

We are  asking our elected officials to sign a resolution which is merely an affirmation of their oath of office to keep SLO County safe and healthy and agree to prohibit, banish, any entity that refuses to comply with, respect and recognize our unalienable and inherent right to clean water, air and soil.

Imagine for just a moment if the roles where reversed. Imagine if we, SLO county, were the ones going to the oil company looking to partner up with them and our resume was a history of accidents, spills, explosions, lawsuits, health and safety risks, no liability insurance,  not bondable, lives off of welfare payments but promises to share .00387% (going rate of return on oil leases) of the profits with them.  What do you think they would say? I don’t think they could say anything. I think they would be rolling on the floor with laughter.  Now if you really want a good laugh take this whole scenario to the shark tank and what do you think they would do with an offer like this? Haahhahahhahahh.

The Board of Supervisors doesn’t  get it.  So, we are going to lobby the heck out of them until they do. We are going to inundate them with health and safety facts about the fracking abomination until they realize we are dead serious about keeping our home a place we can be proud to call home. And proud means safe and healthy forever and a day.

All aboard

On February 7th, thousands of Californians from across the state are gathering in Governor Jerry Brown’s longtime home of Oakland to say that we need real climate leadership in the face of the drought.

Join people from all corners of California this February 7 in telling Governor Brown that if he won’t be a real climate leader, that if he won’t stand up to the fossil fuel industry, then we will. Because this is about our water, our health, and our California.

Californians Against Fracking (CAF) is a coalition of environmental, business, health, agriculture, labor, political, and environmental justice organizations working to win a statewide ban on fracking and other extreme oil and gas extraction techniques in California.

The Rally is also addressing the Oil trains as a point of contention and of course water intensive oil drilling.  That’s Saturday Feb. 7th.

Pre-register for the bus here. Still working on a payment arrangements. You will be contacted.  We have already reserved the bus holds 60 people. Cost may be around $35.

Lv San Luis Obispo 6:30 a.m. from Big 5 at the Madonna shopping center San Luis Obispo.

Pit stop Atascadero Park and Ride at Curbaril

Arrive Oakland 11:30 a.m.

12-3 p.m. March- Rally

3:00 p.m. – 5:00p.m. Convergence meet and greet fellow activists

5:45 on bus

6:00 p.m. depart Oakland

10:15 p.m. arrive back at Big 5 SLO

Pass the word around and lets fill a bus or two. Got more students hopping on board too.

If you can’t make it but would like to sponsor someone you can send your tax free donation to:

Our Fiscal Sponsors

Write in the memo

memo:  SLO Clean Water Action (Oakland bus sponsor)

Any unspecified donations will go towards this years campaign to get an ordinance on the books.  All donations welcomed and appreciated. Thank you.

So mark your calendars.

January 8 Planning Dept. hearing on the San Margarita Quarry.

Board of Supervisors Chambers, SLO County Government Center, 1055 Monterey St. Room D-170, San Luis Obispo
Meetings start at 9:00 AM
Margarita Proud


January 13

SLO City 2015-17 Major Goal Setting Community Forum (CCA)
Tuesday January 13 5:30pm to 9:30ish
Ludwig Community Center, Santa Rosa St.

February 5, 2015

Nipomo Spur expansion Planning Dept. public hearing.
Board of Supervisors Chambers, County Gov’t. Center; 1055 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo. Usually 9 a.m. TB



Sign up for bus to Oakland on Feb. 7 here.  Donate here.

Keeping this all intensely joyous. Which reminds me. I am getting some nibbles about a Flash Mob event. Oh joy, oh rapture.

We are Here


Making history and deciding our future.

See you all soon somewhere.

Much love,



Jeanne Blackwell

SLO Clean Water
The safety of the people is the supreme law. Bacon’s Max. in Reg. 12; Broom’s Max. 1.  Prevention is better than cure. Co. Litt. 304.  “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell.


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