Is Fracking Safe?

According to Halliburton, one of the largest oil service companies in the world, if it were safe they would not need to be exempt from all the Federal Health and Safety Laws. Without the exemptions from the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Superfund, National Environmental Policy Act, Toxic Release Inventory under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, it is safe to say compliance would be impossible and therefore not safe. This fact, however, is not enough to prevent fracking in our community. We need this fact in writing.




Again, according to Halliburton, and truth be told if they couldn’t escape compliance of all safety and health standards and didn’t get $41 billion a year in federal subsides it would cost them more money to produce a barrel of oil than they could ever make selling it.


They owe a debt of gratitude to all the taxpayers and lawmakers who made it possible to avoid the cost prohibitive health and safety laws and graciously assume all the burden and liability for damages and accidents that occur on a regular basis.


Is fracking good for the economy? If a good economy means investing in an industry that is totally dependent on freebies and never produces enough to sustain itself then fracking is golden.


If a good economy means investing in the future that is totally dependent on preserving and protecting the natural resources inherently sustainable and abundant then Fracking is an economical disaster.
Fact: Fracking is unsafe and dangerous.

Fact: Fracking operates as a deficit

Fact: Fracking is a loophole.

Loopholes are  flaws in the law. Prevention is a cure. Disallowing the transgression is to say whomsoever owns the transgression owns the cure.


Now take those facts and make it a law. Therefore, all gas and oil entities currently enjoying exempted status under the Halliburton Loophole are hereby barred from exercising those transgression within the jurisdiction of San Luis Obispo County. Loophole closed. Rights and protections restored.


We need a law to cite a violation in order to  impose a penalty. The loophole in the Energy Act of 2005 pardoned all crimes committed by the gas and oil industry before they were even committed and violated and forced us to waive our legal, lawful rights under those Laws.


Sometimes bad and corrupt things happen to the lawmaking process  that inflict pains and penalties on innocent people and that is why we have laws that recognize the people’s right to protect themselves against bullies, thieves and liars that can hold our local, State and Federal lawmakers hostage.

That’s why we can ban fracking in our community with a local ordinance and continue to enjoy unencumbered the safety and health we have come to depend and rely for our well being.

Sometime we have to take the law into our own hand and close up those loopholes ourselves. Sometimes we have to show the lawmakers how to do it and to not be afraid.

Sure feels like that sometime is now.


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