Newsletter #23 Election and Fracking results

Denton, deep in the heart of Texas where Fracking began, took their town back and beat the oil companies to a pulp. That’s a first for Texas.  8 towns in Ohio passed mandates to limit and punish criminal fossil fuel extraction processes.

The worst ever Statewide ban on fracking in Ohio, California is a close second, prompted 8 local municipalities to take the law into their own hands and showed the State how to do it. They ban fracking in their communities. They are armed and ready. Let the lawsuits begin.


The People in Mendocino County washed their hands of greasy money and passed an ordinance that kept the frackers out of their county.


San Benito County residents heavily supported Measure J, overcoming the oil industry’s well-funded opposition campaign. They were up against  Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Occidental Petroleum and other oil giants writing checks, the opposition outspent Measure J supporters 15-1 during the campaign.


Money may be able to talk but we don’t have to listen.   People in San Benito showed how you can disarm and disable the noisy money machine. You just tune it out. Turn it off. Pull the plug. Nothing will bankrupt a money industry faster then people just refusing to buy whatever it is money is hyping.

Santa Barbara Measure P and the Water Guardians can stand tall and proud and hold their heads high. They held their ground and even though they could not plant the flag of victory either could the oil companies.  Oil companies didn’t win anything.  They were on the defense from the beginning and were only able to temporarily slow down a force that cannot be denied.

Have you ever noticed the oil companies don’t ever try to get a local ordinance passed to legalize fracking? They are always on the defense trying to stop it from being criminalized. I wonder why that is?  So, fracking is still not legal and the Water Guardians are still not going anywhere.

Santa Barbara is their home and standing guard and protecting their home front is more than the oil companies can say about what they are doing there.   There is no doubt in my mind who has more at stake and will prevail.

Does anyone really have to wonder about the intentions of an army of volunteers and the intentions of a gang of mercenaries?  This is a no brainer.  Volunteers do it for love and mercenaries do it for money. Money is fickle and cowardly and love is forever.  Now who do you think is going to win this war?

San Jose Mercury on San Benito win
Denton tx

Denton is just one more example where citizens tried to work with the local authorities and play by the rules and got hoodwinked and bamboozled every step of the way and finally said enough is enough and wrote their own ordinance.

These local ordinances prohibit rogue, belligerent, industries operating outside of the law, from setting up shop in the community.

Loopholes deliberately written into to the law are escape clauses for special interest providing them escape from prosecution and fiscal responsibility for damages. Loopholes are an ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules. A local ordinance requiring the special interest to meet all the standards and requirements set forth in the laws would close up that loophole.

Oil and gas companies have refused to comply with The Safe Drinking Water Act, which protects above and underground water sources from toxic chemicals used during the oil extraction process.  Because of the loopholes if any water sources above or below the ground accidentally comes in contact with the toxic extraction fluids during drilling and there have been many documented cases of this happening, the rogue industry operating independent of the law, is not liable for any damages.  That’s a loophole.

A local ordinance prohibiting exempted fossil fuel extraction companies from operating within our jurisdiction is closing up the loophole.

Oil industry refuses to comply with The Clean Air Act that prohibits release of Hydrogen Sulfide and other known to be harmful chemicals into the air. Their refusal is condoned and sanctioned by the lead agency, in our case, the Board of Supervisors.

Loopholes make it impossible for a governing board to act to prevent and punish wrongdoing when there are no clear and concise lines of wrongdoing.  A local ordinance prohibiting any exempted fossil fuel extraction process​ from doing business within our jurisdiction closes up the loopholes.

Oil and gas industry refuses to comply with the Clean Water Act which leaves streams, rivers, surface water unprotected from sediment run-off, spills and leaks from well pads, pipelines, drill rigs, ponds, storage containers and other infrastructure. Their refusal to comply jeopardizes our sense of a safe and healthy environment and threatens the integrity and well being of our water supply.

A local ordinance that requires compliance with the Clean Water Act would close that loophole and insure our safety and well being.


Regulations serve no useful purpose in the prevention of accidents. Regulations do not make toxic chemicals safe. PG&E was in violation of 3,700 regulations at the time of San Bruno disaster. 8 people died and billions of dollars in damages. PG&E is denying culpability and responsibility. They can do that because of loopholes.

We are closing up the loopholes.  Grand Jury complaint form against the Board of Supervisors to follow this newsletter.

And just one more thing about this election and saving the best for last.  How fortunate and blessed we are that people with honor and integrity, power of their convictions choose to represent us?  Thank you Heidi Harmon. You did your community so proud. Your clarity, your demeanor, your class, style and substance so resonated and reverberated sincerity and trust.  Just what this country needs.  Abe Lincoln tried 8 times to get elected to Congress. Then he became President. 

Thank you Heidi and to your beautiful family for doing what needs doing and getting it done. Cheers and Kudos dear heart.











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