Newsletter # 20 We are on the Agenda!

Information on this a little slow coming forth but here it is!!  Yippee!!
Tomorrow Sept. 23 item # 30.    Submittal of a report and solicitation of possible Board direction related to Hydraulic Fracturing.    All Districts.
This item is after the recess. Board reconvenes at 1:30 item #30 will most probably not come up until around 3 pm  but must get your request to speak slip in before item # 30 comes up.  Fill the slips out and just put Item # 30 as the subject.
Be prepared to do a 1-2 or 3 minute comment. Don’t know how the Board is feeling  but we will be prepared in any event.
Speak to your concerns and what you expect the board to do.
This is my first BOS agenda item meeting also. As I understand the Planning Dept will deliver their report. Then public comment and then the Board will discuss all that was presented in open forum so we can all hear their comments and then the Board will deliver their decision and instruct staff as to what the next step is.
We of course are calling for a countywide ban.
That’s it folks. Will find out tomorrow what we are dealing and what the intentions are of this Board. They could make it real easy and instruct staff to prepare a resolution or ordinance to ban Fracking. They could ask for more reports. They could delay delay delay for whatever reason but that is all good. We will know what our next step is after we find out what we are dealing with. Just giving them a opportunity to show their true colors here. We know what we want and they can join us and we hope they do but we will not be deterred.
I will be there a little after 2:30 pm.
This is kind of exciting. I never thought I would be saying that when dealing with ‘city hall’  but we have come a long way and this is surly a step in the right direction to getting our ban. We are doing this and as a community.  FANTASTIC.  Will have some of our students returning too to speak. This is going to be a good day.
Thank you Sherri D. for reminding me about emailing the Board.
This will just take a minute and will make a difference.
If you can’t make the meeting tomorrow then do email your supervisor and let them know how you feel about fracking in SLO  and what you want them to do.
Here’s everyone’s email address. Do share this with your groups and every email list you have. Everyone needs to get there 2 cents in now. Thank you folks

San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisor

District        Supervisor                Email

1            Frank Mecham

2             Bruce Gibson

3             Adam Hill      

4             Caren Ray     

5             Debbie Arnold

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