Newsletter # 19 – Updates and Newdates

First– Diablo Canyon – Update.  And again we are forever grateful to our world renowned Mothers for Peace for making this happen.

Since the explosive document charging that Diablo Canyon is vulnerable to earthquakes and should be shut down Barbara Boxer has gotten involved and delaying tactics which seem to be the hallmark of the NRC are being brought to the forefront and addressed. Here are a couple of links you can sign and share to keep the pressure on our legislators to do the right thing and get Diablo shut down.

2 :: Petitioning Nuclear Regulatory Commission –

Decommission the aging Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

3 :: NRC: Shut Down Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

And it also seems that our Board of Supervisors has also written a letter to the NRC asking for the documents that the NRC has conveniently neglected to respond to for weeks, months and years. You can let the Board know this kind of cooperation is much appreciated.  Here is their contact info.

Second – Reminder – Peoples Climate March – Sept. 21  Mitchell Park – 2pm. Heidi Harmon hosting.

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 1.34.45 PM

Third – Triple Divide  documentary on Fracking Tuesday Sept. 16 7pm SLO Grange Broad Street.


Triple Divide is said to be the only documentary of its kind on the controversial subject of fracking, capable of speaking to all sides of the issue with exclusive interviews from the industry, environmental and political experts, and Americans suffering as a result of shale gas development.

“It’s hard to imagine anyone could have a fully-informed opinion about fracking without seeing Triple Divide,” said Jed Thorp of the Ohio Sierra Club after seeing the film for the first time this summer.

Discussion after. Bob is looking for sponsors.

Maybe we need to invite our elected officials? No harm in asking.

Fourth- Organization sign on letter to keep SLO frack free. A choir of soloists makes more noise than a soloist.

Click the link below to sign on.

Organization sign on letter to the Board of Supervisors to ban fracking.

Union is strength 1 min. video -cute

Will keep you updated on who has signed on.

Bob Banner- Hope Dance  got the ball rolling

Carl Meisser – Electrician

People for Faith and Justice

And just got the SLO Grange 639 to sign on.  Brought the letter up at the meeting they voted unanimously to sign it.


Thanks people.
Will deliver the letters to the BOS. TBA

Mark your Calendars

1) Triple Divide Sept 16 Grange

2) People’s Climate March Sept 21 Mitchell Park

3) BOS Sept 23 responding to our petitions- Planning dept is going to announce something.


And lastly, Want to thank all those that send me links and information that I can include in these newsletters.  Had #19 all ready to send on Monday but when I hit send the screen went black and I went white. Lost everything. Apparently I have a vintage (7 years old) machine and it is having a hard  time keeping up with the new language and just erases everything it doesn’t understand.  So, I have learned my lesson. Will put everything in Word so I have a copy and  if the formatting is a little messed up that is why.  All the links did not make it but keep those cards and letters coming.  I do appreciate them.

I have played my mom card again and oldest son is coming to the rescue and fixing me up with a newer computer soon.  Oh happy days.

p.s.s. Went to the BOS meeting Tues. Was 10 minutes late. Didn’t think it was a problem Public comment was # 27 and thought I would have time. However, they were already in Public comment. According to the rules, slips must be submitted prior to agenda item. I missed it.  Mr. Gibson explained the procedure and did say that I might not have been aware of this and therefore allowed me and one other person who signed in late to speak. That was very considerate and appreciated.

O.k. this is really the end.


One thought on “Newsletter # 19 – Updates and Newdates

  1. thanks for this Jeannie! I want to add that one thing Ive learned from the COWSPIRACY film that will be featured again in SLO on Sept 29th at the Steynberg Gallery is that animal agriculture is the number one cause for climate change and uses tons of water. They show a chart that shows the amount of water being used for fracking in the US compared to the water being used for grazing and growing feed and theres no comparison. Animal ag is a huge consumer. Not to take away from the growing awareness of fracking which is great but to see it in its overall perspective is why Im showing the film. Often we rely on our priorities in life since we cant do everything. If thats true then perhaps cutting meat and dairy out of our diets like Jane Goodall wrote about in Harvest for Hope years ago that enviros didnt pay that much attention to.. and lets not bypass the stunning film COWSPIRACY, as well as THE ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR and SPECIESism to bring forward more stats and understanding to something that we can simply do right here and now. Im not sure where my head was at but I feel hoodwinked and now I wanna pay back somehow to bring animal ag into the public view and to do something right now. Ive been to two vegan meetups so far and the people are delightful, intelligent, concerned and indeed welcoming. Here are the details:

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