Organization Sign On Letter

Dear San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors:

We are strongly urging you to immediately ban hydraulic fracturing  used as an enhanced oil extraction method.

The growing body of evidence on the adverse health impacts from hydraulic fracturing in every area where it is in production demonstrates a clear and present danger to unavoidable, inescapable and constant exposure to toxic chemicals, air and water pollutants.

For the sake of our children and those that regard San Luis Obispo County as a treasured destination point it is imperative that you take strong, decisive action to protect their health and well being by banning hydraulic fracturing now!

Thank you.


Bob Banner – Hope Dance

Carl Meisser – Electrician

People of Faith for Justice

SLO Grange 639

Arroyo Clean Water Advocates

Terra Madre Foundation

Dana Gibson – Earth Lover

Sierra Club Nuclear Free Campaign

Citizens Climate Lobby

Empower Poly Coalition

2 thoughts on “Organization Sign On Letter

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