Now it begins. The Great Pretense. DOGGR hearings.

DOGGR Meeting  in Santa Maria today 07.15.14.  I have attached some talking points and information at the bottom for those wanting to attend and speak or send emails.   email address of the Chair of the Board.  Mr Lavagnino.
5th District: Steve Lavagnino, Chair



Santa Maria Board of Supervisors meeting

What: Fracking hearing in Santa Maria
When: July 15, 4 pm
Where: Santa Barbara County Supervisors’ Hearing Room, 511 East Lakeside Pkwy., Santa Maria, CA 93455
Click here to RSVP for the hearing.From 4:00-7:00 the CA Dept. of Gas and Geothermal Resources, otherwise known as DOGGR (pronounced dogger) will be meeting inside.

There is no safe way to frack. No regulations will prevent this inherently dangerous method of oil extraction from poisoning nearby communities and accelerating climate change.

Stakeholder Meeting to Develop Groundwater Monitoring Model Criteria for Oil and Gas Areas:The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) is hosting a public meeting to commence the development of model criteria for groundwater monitoring related to oil and gas wells subject to well stimulation treatments, as specified in Senate Bill 4 (Pavley, Statutes of 2013).
The meeting is currently planned for Thursday August 7th, in the Kern County Supervisors Chambers, in Bakersfield, California from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
So here’s the thing when we are talking DOGGR regulations.

Well Operator Groundwater Monitoring Plans and Requests for Exemption from Groundwater Monitoring

DOGGR interim well stimulation regulations require well operators to submit a groundwater monitoring plan as part of their well stimulation treatment notices. A well operator may alternatively request an exemption from groundwater monitoring if the absence of protected water can be demonstrated.


SB4 also doesn’t apply to cyclic steam injection, which can also use chemicals and fracturing (, has high well casing failure rates (, causes seeps and leaks nearby and is being done in diatomite formations closer to water tables.

The problems with SB 4 are numerous…

Maximum $25,000 per day per violation… The problem: Occidental, for instance, brings in that much revenue every 30 seconds. 
As mentioned,  SB 4 does not apply to cyclic steam injection, which, in addition to the reasons laid out, is also the most common form of oil recovery in California. It is considered an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method, not a method of well stimulation (semantics). So, it was not included in Pavley’s bill because SB 4 was strictly focused on “well stimulation” methods. 
The biggest problem is that it “studies the safety of fracking” while allowing fracking to continue unabated. They are checking to see if fracking can be done safely while greenlighting the “potentially harmful” practice in question.
In short, it is a transparency bill, not a bill designed to protect the public.
– Damien
CEO,  SaveWithSunlight, Inc.
At least 10 communities in California have said they don’t have to deal with crazy and are banning Fracking or are in the process of banning Fracking in their community.  If you wait for the State or the Governor  to save your community from a scourge worst than death then you are going to to get scourged.  
Don’t do anything and guaranteed a gang of bullies is going to make themselves at home in your backyard. Here are some communities that have more guts and gumption than anything you will see at the State level and are standing up to the bullies.
Arroyo Grande, CABerkeley, CABeverly Hills, CACambria Community Services District, CACarson, CACulver City, CAFairfax, CALos Angeles, CALos Angeles Community College District, CAMar Vista Community Council, Los Angeles, CAMarin County, CARampart Village Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles, CASan Luis Obispo, CASanta Cruz County, CA
Here’s a couple of good  questions to ask of these DOGGR hearings and I’ll bet you never get a straight answer to these question. 1. If there is a spill or accident what is the complaint process?  2.  Who do you file with?  3. At what point do Federal Laws kick in like the  Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean drinking water Acts, etc.Now,Just a couple more things that will only take a minute or two.


 Please join me in sending out a letter of appreciate  to Cambria Community Services District and Senator Monning.
I have been having computer issues so after one of these episodes I find this letter on my desktop dated May 29, 2014  from the Cambria Community Services District calling on the SLO Board of Supervisors for a countywide Ban on Fracking. Wow. Somebody  has been very busy and this is just super news.Frack_Actions_CambriaCommunityServicesDistrictCA That makes 3 cities in this county that have called on the Board of Supervisors to ban fracking, San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande are the other two. We are getting there as a communtity.
Thanking the Cambria Community Service District  and its members for calling for a countywide ban on Fracking. Making it happen. Many thanks.

Jim Bahringer President  927-6235 (District Clerk)
Gail Robinette Vice President  927-6235 (District Clerk)
Michael Thompson Director  927-6235 (District Clerk)
Muril Clift Director  927-6235 (District Clerk)
Amanda Rice Director  927-6235 (District Clerk)
AB 32 is California’s landmark law to reduce carbon pollution, and it’s no surprise that Big Oil is doing everything they can to avoid compliance. Oil companies are telling Californians they expect us to pay for their pollution twice: first in the form of increased asthma rates, lost workdays, and premature deaths from illnesses caused by air pollution, and next with higher gas prices.
Senator Monning is supporting AB32 and rejecting Big Oil’s request to be exempted from this Bill. Thank you Senator Monning.

Senator Monning is also aware we are working on a countywide fracking ban. I will be sure and forward Cambria’s letter to keep him informed of our progress. Maybe also just drop a hint that a letter from the  Senator to the Board of Supervisors in support of our community effort shows a real interest in our community.

Here is another strong talking point – Earthquakes!!!1
Here are other good talking point references if you ever find yourself before a BOS, city council, planning commission, water resource board.

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