May 20 Board of Supervisors Meeting calling for a Ban on Fracking

Will put these announcements in the order they happen Starting with

1. Saturday May 17 Avila Beach

Inline image 1

Avila pier noon, Saturday, may 17
Stretch Your Hands Across the Sand, say NO to the Keystone Pipeline and YES to clean energy!
Hands Across The Sand is an worldwide gathering of people dedicated to a clean energy future and ending our dependence on filthy fuels.
Come join hands with people around the globe at noon local time to reject dirty fuel projects that threaten our communities and destabilize our climate.
Hands Across the Sand will join with rallies, marches and vigils taking place across the nation on May 17, calling on the president and state and local leaders to reject the Keytstone XL pipeline and accelerate the shift to clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Whether it’s offshore seismic blasting, Arctic and offshore drilling, mountaintop removal coal mining, tar sands pipelines, fracking, exporting liquid natural gas, or shipping crude by rail through our
hometowns, we all have reason to stand up and join hands for the health of our families, and the health of the planet.
Come to the beach at the Avila Pier at noon on May 17 as we take a stand for a fossil fuel-free future!
Get updates at
11:00 a.m.: Sign-ups and gathering 11:30 a.m.: Guest speakers Noon: Hands Across the Sand
I remember doing Hands Across America in Anaheim about 30 years ago.
Collecting signatures to ban fracking in SLO county. Will have extra clip boards 🙂
2. Sunday May 18 – 2 events
a) Fund-and-awareness raiser at the Palm Theater for the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary high noon. Showing of Rebel with a Cause. $10 donation but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  The Chumash Heritage Marine Sanctuary event begins at 12:30 at the Palm Theater  Here’s the trailer. is  another signature gathering moment.

b) Chalk-a-walk at Cal Poly hosted by the Students against Fracking joint efforts with Cuesta Students Against Fracking who will all be presenting their petitions before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday May 20th @ 9:00 a.m.  Chalk-a-walk is a message alerting stencil that is spray chalked on pavement. It’s kind of a new idea and we are a kick off event for an up and coming Citizens Engagement Lab that films and documents communities stories and then posts these stories on the internet. CEL is a home for people and projects working to shift culture and transform society. We are shifting into high gear.  They support, start, and connect individuals and organizations that use technology-fueled approaches to close the gap between the world we live in and the more just and equal world most of us want.
We lucked out. Community action group SLOCWA working to Keep Fracking out of SLO connected with Students Against Fracking at Cuesta and Poly and drum roll please, taking this show to the BOS of supervisors on May 20 and CEL is going to document it. Cool.  Chalking the sidewalks is like being able to write on the walls and not get in trouble for it. So, if anyone wants to get in on this action, Really cool if alumni could extend a helping hand, just for fun 4pm Sunday Dexter Lawn Cal Poly parking is free.  Here’s a couple of Stencils we will be chalking.
Inline image 3.Inline image 1Inline image 4Addiction, earthquakes, hazardous chemicals, sick kids, air and water pollution, noise
3.  Tuesday May 20 9:00 a.m.
Board of Supervisors meeting to deliver petitions to call for a countywide Ban on Fracking
Well this is it. Have about 3,500 signatures. Will send out press releases and you just never know what will happen with that.   If you can’t make it, haven’t signed the petition, or even if you have, drop the Board a line and let them know what you your organization think of fracking in our neighborhood, respectfully of course.

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

Frank R. Mecham

Bruce S. Gibson

Adam Hill

Caren Ray

Debbie Arnold


 Everybody is invited to say a few words or use the whole 3 minutes.   The more speakers the better.  Come on down! 10 people that speak make more noise than 10,000 that are silent.

Then I was wondering about how a group could sign onto the SLO ban.  Group can email the Board and bcc SLO Clean Water Action if you would. Love to see who is taking a stand.

Have asked Senator Monning on behalf of all the residents who will be adversely impacted by extreme oil drilling (everybody)  to write a letter to the Board of Supervisors in support of our efforts to bar the hazardous process from SLO County. Have not heard anything back yet. Perhaps a reminder from some of his constituents would be helpful. A letter to the Board from Senator Monning supporting constituents efforts to maintain and sustain a  safe, healthy, prosperous and livable community would be a nice gesture.
And finally one quick note on the Paso Robles City Council meeting.

Suffice to say Paso declined to participate. I was warned that that might be the case however in the interest of fairness I just thought they needed the same opportunity to participate as everyone else.  They have their reasons and that is fine. Enough said.


Keep cool.


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