Road Trip!!!!

Road Trip

Road Trip

Buy a ticket here:


And then the Banner calling on Brown to do his job


We are doing it!! You can too.

We are still collecting donations if you are not able to attend the March on March 15 but would like to support our efforts to keep San Luis Obispo county a destination, not  desolation spot. All donations are tax deductible.

Just ask yourself these questions if you are in doubt about what fracking is and does.

1) Is fracking going to make SLO county more beautiful?

2) Is fracking a tourist attraction like the strawberry or film festival? Hearst Castle? The whales?

3) Is fracking going to enhance our natural resources?

4) Is fracking approved by the Chamber of Commerce?

5) Does Fracking increase property values?

6) Does Fracking increase farm production?

7) Are we going to have more water? safer roads? cleaner air, reduced risks of earthquakes?

If the answer to all these questions is NO then why would we say yes to Fracking in our community?

And some more big news: Arroyo Grande City Council voted last night unanimously to write a letter to the BOS calling on them to ban Fracking until and when it can be proved safe beyond a shadow of a doubt. That’s #2.

Thank you
We are a grassroots, making a difference, all volunteer action group. Thank you very much.

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