Year of the Horse Starting off at a Full Gallop

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1) Monday
February 03, 2014 • 5:30 PM
County of SLO Courthouse across from Fremont• 1050 Monterey , San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Monday: Nationwide Vigils to Protest Keystone XL

Thank you Heidi for heading this up. Letting the Nation know local communities take the health and well being of their community very seriously is what a democracy is all about.

Tar Sands oil is a very dirty and very nasty type of oil.  It needs a lot of fixing up and refining before it is good for anything. Phillips 66 in Nipomo is a fixer upper site and has invited Tar Sands oil to their site for treatment.

Pipelines underground, Rail cars above ground. Its all the same. It is moving highly toxic, volatile, flammable, dangerous, potentially deadly and incredibly risky cargo right through our neighborhoods and farm lands without so much as a mother may I.

NO! STOP! KEEP OUT is the only sensible and reasonable response and that is what is happening Monday nite.

Thank goodness for locals in Nipomo “Derail the Rail” who are keeping a constant vigil on the happenings there.   Letter to the Editor New Times Jan. 30. Phillips 66 rail spur project garners a ‘substantial’ number of comments.

Note:   This happened. 75 people showed up and we got KSBY local news coverage at 5,6,10 and 11. Here’s the video.

2) Tuesday February 4

Slow Money SLO 2014 Kickoff!

 Feb 4th, 6 pm, SLO Grange.

Not to say money makes the world go around but it can sure help get the ball rolling. Since this is another local organization keeping things up close and personal and has very much to do with our food and local economy am passing this on. Tuesday February 4th at 6 pm at the SLO Grange, 2880 Broad St, San Luis Obispo. For information, please contact or go to:  Every community needs an organization like this in it.  Counting another one of our Blessings.

And Now, sandwiched right here in the middle, the best part of a sandwich right, An Announcement.
SLO Clean Water is very proud to announce it has acquired fiscal sponsorship and tax free status.

Now, all those who were just dying to donate monies to help promote this awesome, perpetually motivated, community driven, water loving,  potentially earthshaking (in a good way, of course) grassroots movement whose sole intent and purpose is dedicated to the passage of a rights-based ordinance that insures the preservation and protection of the community’s right to clean water, CAN.   And we have Ecologistics, whose roots are firmly and far reachingly planted in our community to thank for that.

Thank You Ecologistics.

  It now gives me great pleasure to say:

Donations by check can be mailed payable to Ecologistics, Inc. at 4349 Old Santa Fe Road #6, SLO, 93401 (memo on check:   SLO Clean Water Action).  Soon you will be able to make a donation online at  Monies will be invested in banners, posters, lawn signs, tee shirts, brochures, tabling  and presentation material and hosting events to get this ordinance on the books with the bragging rights that goes to the First County in the State to do it!

3) Friday February 28

Bob Banner is showing Water: The Great Mystery in Morro Bay  Click on link and watch the trailer

Location : Green Lotus
550 Morro Bay Blvd
Morro Bay, CA 93442  Map

SLO Clean Water is co-sponsoring what I can only describe as an extraordinary documentary about water.  I saw this for the first time about 4 years ago.   It is one of those films that just stays with you and quite changes you on both a conscience and sub conscience level. It is quite a trip.

Co-sponsoring means we also can be involved in the discussion and Q&A after.  Discussion will be with those that can give us first hand information and facts on what our water situation is in the county, water levels, sources, availability, short term and long term prognosis, water conservation tips and of course I will be talking about the elephant in the room, fracking.  Hope you can make it.

And Lastly,

Arroyo Grande group, ACWA ( help me Kevin with the translation, sorry)  have taken their first steps to getting their City Council to agree to write a letter calling on Board of Supervisors to agree to a countywide ban on Fracking. Here in Kevin’s own words:
“We were well received and at the end of the meeting Councilwoman Barneich proposed to her colleagues that our request for a letter to the SLO Board of Supervisors be put on a future agenda.  At this point I will contact the city manager to see when that will happen. Then, when we do get an agenda date we will want numerous people to speak to support the effort.” The SLO City Council letter will be presented as a recommended format. Still beaming.  Kevin did not want me getting too excited by this first step and to hold the applause until the fat lady sings but first steps are always the hardest and I think still deserve at the very lest short round of applause.

Still trying to get out the newsletter with updates just so much new stuff.  This could be a year of the stampede.

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