Town Hall Meeting. Lets talk Fracking.

Town Hall Meeting


Topic:  Our WATER and Hydraulic Fracturing.

 Tuesday, April 16,, Grange Hall, Broad Street, San Luis Obispo.

Every thriving, prosperous community depends on a clean, uninterrupted supply of water for its livelihood. That’s a fact.

Every Hydraulic Fracturing operation depends on that same clean water supply for its livelihood. That’s a fact.

What will be disclosed and discussed are the facts presented by Doug Shields, former Pittsburgh City Council member, faced with the same dilemma of having to share their precious, limited, priceless, nonrenewable water resources with their new neighbor, Halliburton.

Anyone that uses water on a regular basis will want to come to this meeting to see what our future holds and what our options are. Answering questions, concerns is what this is all about.

California Rising Tour sponsored by Global Exchange and CELDF, supporting organizations Food and Water Watch, Center for Biological Diversity, David Suzuki Foundation, SLO County Transition Towns, Rootamental Brand.

Here’s the Agenda. It is a discussion panel format.

1. Fracturing Facts -Stephen Murray -Baldwin Hills Oil Watch supports a coalition of environmental groups and activists who have a wide range of concerns within and around the Inglewood Oil Field.
2. Sacred Water – Mother Earth. Hua Anwar- Metis Elder and Clan Mother sharing traditional knowledge and healing practices of the indigenous community.
3. Keynote speaker – Doug Shields former city council member of Pittsburgh City PA, first community in the United States to effectively  ban fracking with a rights-based ordinance. Everything you wanted to know about the effects of fracturing on a community before, during and after the fact. A look into our future.
4. Mladden Bandov of SLO Clean Energy to talk about local energy needs and options available with clean renewable resources that give communities more power, resiliency, control, and long-term electrical rate stability.

5. Ben Price of CELDF and Shannon Biggs of Global Exchange on what a local rights based ordinance looks like and what the long and short term effects are,  what to expect from the opposition and the best part, what the opposition can expect from us.

6. Jeanne Blackwell  SLO Clean Water Action- Wrap up and call to Action –

7. Question and Answer

Contact info:

Shannon Biggs, Global Exchange 415-575-5540

Jeanne Blackwell   805-783-2509

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