This is What Happened at Democracy School.

We held our democracy school this last week end with Shannon Biggs of Global Exchange and Ben Price of CELDF conducting the ceremonies. It was a celebration. In attendance 30 diverse, informed, caring, thoughtful, deeply committed, connected, loving persons.

For a few very special moments our lives and thoughts merged and things changed. We felt the ever so subtle movements of a butterfly flapping its wings.

A history of the rights of people and nature going back as far as 1066. It was only a 12 hour course, thank goodness, or Ben and Shannon would have taken us back to the beginning of time I am sure.

It didn’t take long into the course to see a well organized and methodical pattern of intent to create a system of control that would reign supreme over all the dominions on earth.

Sounds rather depressing doesn’t it? Well this is the really cool part and shows how knowledge translates into power. When you realize what you are up against and how it got to be the way it is and where it comes from that knowledge changes everything. It untangles a bunch of knots. That was no butterfly that was B-52.

I felt a real sense of empowerment. It’s all about Rights. My rights as a human being. Natures Rights. Rights can not be given or taken away. They can’t be brought, sold, traded, downsized, minimized or comprised. They are inalienable.

Whoa. If that is the case then why in the hell am I attending this Board of Supervisors meeting or Water quality control Board hearing and begging for my right to clean water? Why am I begging the Air Quality Control board for my right to clean air? Why am I begging the NRC to regulate the level of harm to all the marine life in a seismic testing zone? Why am I begging for mercy before a self appointed, dominion oriented control board to please don’t hurt me or my Mother so much or anymore? Why? Because I didn’t know then what I know today. And so it begins.

NO more begging. No more pleading. No more asking permission to be granted our inalienable rights and Rights of Nature. The next step, turning knowledge into power. The right to self govern is powerful stuff and we got all we need from the Declaration of Independence to make our Rights and the Rights of Mother Nature the supreme law of this land right here in our own backyard. It has already started.

Core group is forming to write a local ordinance. A law.

A law that duly ordains and establishes our Rights and the Rights of Nature as a legal premise on which we can apply a remedy when there is an infringement or violation. By giving Nature the legal status as our Benefactor we give ourselves legal standing as the beneficiary and Executor of Her Estate.  All the laws of Nature which we are duty bound to respect and honor take precedence over any man-made laws that would exercise a fictitious right as a right to infringe and violate. Nature has Rights and we are obligated as Her beneficiaries to protect and preserve those Rights and in so doing protect and preserve our Rights.

Love these life changing moments especially when you can wrap it all up in a week-end with good food and great company. Check Democracy School off my bucket list and put on the Rights of Nature and Right to Clean Water ordinance. ✔✔

One thought on “This is What Happened at Democracy School.

  1. an addendum: Some references (by Bob Banner):
    Tom Linzeys monumental speech at Bioneers (2006)
    or SEE the entire video at

    Local Democracy School website:

    The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund:

    Another updated Bioneers talk (by Mari Margil) about the Rights of Nature:

    SLO TRANSITION TOWNS fb page: where Jeanne’s report first appeared.

    Natalia Greene at Bioneers 2011 video :

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